Our Expectations

Following is a description of the standards to which our students are to be held accountable.

Achievement of these goals will demonstrate attainment of the knowledge attitudes and skills specified in the curriculum.

1. Thoughtful active membership of society

The ability and desire to participate in democracy stems from the development of civic responsibility and a sense of belonging in every individual.

2. Independent thinking and confidence

Independent thought and the confidence to express and defend one’s ideas and opinions are necessary and important.

3. Expertise in reasoning and problem solving

Through the development of their logical reasoning students will become adept problem solvers, skilled in number sense aswell as application of this knowledge.

4. Creative expression

Children need opportunities to express their unique views about the way they see their world as an individual.

  • 5. Proficiency in language

We commit ourselves to an active teaching-learning model of education

  • We believe that all students can learn and that learning makes a difference.
  • We teach in a way that makes learning relevant.
  • We believe in teaching responsible citizenship and life skills We believe in treating all students fairly.
  • We believe in providing a safe and positive learning environment.

The following set of principles provides a framework for practice that guides our teachers as they make curriculum decisions and scaffold students’ learning. it is expected that in our teaching practice we will exhibit these and by these we will be assessed.

  • Children are capable and competent and have been learning since birth. Recognising children as competent learners means recognising what they know and can do, and using that as a starting point for new learning. As teachers we will support and encourage children as they learn by building on their prior knowledge, making links to new learning and making implicit knowledge explicit.
  • Children build deep understandings when they learn through all senses and are offered choice in their learning experiences. Children develop complex cognitive structures when they take in information through all senses including touch, kinaesthetic (body movement) and smell.
  • Children engage more enthusiastically in learning when they are able to participate in decision making about learning experiences.
  • Children learn best through interactions, active exploration, experimentation and by representing their learning through a variety of modes. Children actively construct knowledge of their world by investigating new materials, ideas and events. Therefore they learn most effectively through interactions with people, concrete objects, ideas and representations, which invite attention, exploration, manipulation, elaboration, experimentation and imagination. As teachers we will support children by encouraging them to represent their learning in a range of modes such as movement, painting, drawing, speaking, writing, construction and socio-dramatic play.
  • Children’s positive dispositions to learning, and to themselves as learners, are essential for success in school and beyond.As teachers we have an important role in encouraging children to develop dispositions such as perseverance and a willingness to engage in new learning. Children develop dispositions such as these when they receive constructive feedback as they question, investigate, analyse, innovate and interact with others. Positive dispositions towards learning are also fostered by providing learning experiences that are relevant to children’s lives and interests.
  • Children learn best in environments where there are supportive relationships among all partners in the learning community. As teachers we will develop supportive partnerships with children, families and carers, communities and professional colleagues by:
  • a. building a sense of child involement by collaboratively planning with them
  • b. involving families in supporting children’s learning through sharing information and allowing families to contribute their own knowledge and perspectives
  • c. working with our colleagues - specialist personnel, teachers, teacher aides, administrators and support staff - to provide quality learning programs.
  • Educational programmes are most effective when they recognise, value and build upon the cultural and social experiences of children. Children have diverse experiences in homes, communities, early care and educational settings. As teachers we will collaborate with partners to ensure that learning environments reflect this diversity of cultural and social experiences as well as shared ideas, values, beliefs, and identities. Learning programmes therefore acknowledge or build on children’s diverse ways of thinking, knowing and behaving.
  • Building continuity of learning as children move to and through school provides foundations for their future success. Children successfully manage transitions into school and through school when we teachers establish continuities between children’s prior, current and future learning.
  • Assessment of children is an integral part of the learning–teaching process and is not a separate activity. Assessment involves the purposeful, systematic and ongoing monitoring of children’s learning. The information gathered is used for future planning and to make judgments about a child’s learning and development. Children’s everyday learning experiences offer rich opportunities for gathering evidence of learning. It is important that children have opportunities to participate in their assessment and to demonstrate understandings, capabilities and dispositions towards learning in a full range of learning contexts.

Language is essential for communication our students will become fluent readers, skilled writers, confident speakers and thoughtful listeners in at least two languages.

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